Aaron Ansell (Religion and Culture)

Language Interests: sociocultural anthropology; political discourse; intersection of language and material exchange. specialization in Northeast Brazil.

Fall 18 Courses: RLCL 1004- Intro to Religion and Culture; RLCL 5904 - Project and Report

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Mike Bowers (Neuroscience)

Language Interests: language and neurodevelopmental disorders; hemispheric processing for language and bilingualism; sex differences in language and brain development; autism; stuttering; animal models

Fall 18 Courses: NEUR 3084- Cognitive Neuroscience; NEUR 4044: Senior Seminar (topic often Language and Communication Disorders). 

Director of Bower's Lab

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John Casali (Industrial Systems Engineering)

Language Interests: Ergonomics; hearing protection; auditory displays; auditory phonetics; signal detection

Fall 18 Courses: NA

Director of the Auditory Systems Laboratory.

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Katie Carmichael (English)

Language Interests: expression and construction of identity through language use; relationship between language and place; languages and dialects of Louisiana

Fall 18 Courses: ENGL 1514- Language and Society; ENGL/SOCI/RLCL 3144- Language and Ethnicity in the United States

Co-director of The Speech Lab @ VT

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Vanessa Diaz (Psychology)

Language Interests: cognitive,socio-cognitive, and meta-linguistic awareness development in bilingual children; effects of minority language preservation in immigrant families. 

Fall 18 courses: PSYC 4364- Bilingualism & Development Senior Seminar 

Co-director of the iLEAP Lab.

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Charlene Eska (English)

Language Interests: historical and comparative linguistics; manuscript studies; medieval legal texts of the British Isles; Old Irish language and literature; representations of law in literature

Fall 18 Courses: ENGL 1504- Introduction to Linguistics; ENGL 4054- History of the English Language 

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Joseph Eska (English)

Language Interests: Celtic linguistics; Indo-European linguistics; historical linguistics; language change

Fall 18 Courses: ENGL 3304- Languages of Native America 

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Edward Fox (Computer Science)

Language Interests: Computational linguistics; Natural language processing; Text analysis, extraction, indexing, retrieval, search

Fall 18 Courses: CS 4984- Big Data Text Summarization; CS 5604- Info Storage and Retrieval

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Aarnes Gudmestad (Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures)

Language Interests: Second Language Acquisition; Sociolinguistics; Hispanic Linguistics; Morpho-syntactic Variation in Spanish; and Morpho-syntactic Variation in French

Fall 18 Courses: SPAN 2774- Minority Language in the Spanish Speaking Context; SPAN 4104- Advanced Grammar and Style

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Josh Iorio (Myers-Lawson School of Construction)

Language Interests: Computer-mediated communication; virtual teams; virtual teams; language attitudes and conflict; orthographic variation.

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Benjamin Jantzen (Philosophy)

Language Interests: Contents and character of the natural world; how we come to know it; amounts to a concern with questions about language and inference in science; interpretation of talk about "information" in biology; building new kinds of algorithms for automated scientific discovery

Fall 18 Courses: PHIL 3505- Modern Logic and Its Development; PHIL 5505- Symbolic Logic. 

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Lisa McNair (Engineering Education)

Language Interests: Discourse analysis; Communication in teams, especially interdisciplinary teams; Interactions of language and physical space/artifacts; Qualitative coding and ethnographic methods; Sociolinguistics

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Robin Panneton (Psychology)

Language Interests:  Perceptual development during infancy; Infant speech perception; development of attention during infancy; and multimodal integration in infancy

Fall 18 Courses: PSYC 4134- Language Development

Co-director of the iLEAP Lab.

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Marie Paretti (Engineering Education)

Language Interests: Communication and collaboration, design education, and identity in engineering, teaching and learning of communication, effective teaching practices in design education, the effects of differing pedagogies on personal and professional identities, the dynamics of cross-disciplinary collaboration in both academic and industry design environments, and gender and identity in engineering

Fall 18 Courses: ENGE 4984- SS:Practicum in Teaching Engineering;  

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Anita Puckett (Religion and Culture)

Language Interests: Linguistic Anthropology; Appalachia; Sociolinguistics; Language and culture relationships; the US South Atlantic; language and materiality; and language and technology relations. 

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Natasha Staley (Theatre Arts)

Language Interests: Voice; Speech; Dialects; and Acting

Fall 18 Courses: TA 1004- Performing Arts First Year Experience; TA 2134- Acting Lab; TA 3164- Shakespeare

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Ming Chew Teo (Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures)

Language Interests: How a bilingual's languages interact and influence one another; Contact Languages; Sociolinguistics; Second language acquisition


Kelly Trogdon (Philosophy)

Language Interests: Metaphysics; the philosophy of mind; dependence and essence (specifically the notions of grounding and real definition); intrinsic properties; the recently revived monism/pluralism debate; physicalism about the mind; mental content; phenomenal concepts and self-knowledge

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Abby Walker (English)

Language Interests: how people shift their speech production and perception in the moment and over time; how words are represented in our minds; language ideology and cognition

Fall 18 Courses: ENGL 1514- Language and Society; ENGL/PSYC 1524- Language and the Mind

Co-director of The Speech Lab @ VT

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