Katie Carmichael


Teaching and research are intimately intertwined for me, in that I see it as a major goal in the classroom to expose students to cutting edge research and to engage them in conversations about current linguistic findings. Since my own career began with undergraduate research at Tulane University, I also generally include some component of data collection and analysis in every class I teach, so that my students get the experience of creating new knowledge from raw linguistic data.

Additionally, I typically work with students on undergraduate research hours, either supervising research projects of theirs or further developing my own work with their help. I currently have two paid undergraduate research positions under an NSF grant (BCS-1749217), which involve mentoring of undergraduates interested in linguistic research. Please contact me if you are a student interested in participating in undergraduate research.

Classes I teach at Virginia Tech:

ENGL 1504 Introduction to Contemporary Linguistics

ENGL 1514 Language & Society

ENGL/RLCL/SOC 3144 Language & Ethnicity in the United States

ENGL 4004 Linguistic Discourse Analysis

I also teach a graduate seminar on rotating topics. Its last iteration was “Language & Place” [syllabus here]