Links to our labs, corpora and information for undergraduates about research and careers in the Language Sciences!

Speech Lab

Co-directed by Katie Carmichael and Abby Walker in English (ENGL). Focus on speech and listening behaviors of adults with different dialectal and linguistic backgrounds.


Co-directed by Vanessa Diaz and Robin Panneton in Psychology (PSYC). Focus on first language acquisition (infants and kids) and how bilingualism affects general cognition.

Auditory Systems Laboratory

John Casali’s lab in Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE). Focus on creating and testing products that protect hearing and/or increase auditory perception.


Bowers’ Lab

Mike Bower’s lab in the School of Neuroscience (NEUR). Focus on the role of sex hormones and genes in communication disorders.


The Speech Lab is home to four speech corpora that students or researchers can apply to use for their own research!

For Future SLPs

Looking to go to graduate school in Speech and Language Pathology or Audiology? WATCH THIS SPACE for some info that may help!


For Undergraduate Researchers

Some resources to help VT undergraduates conduct and present their own research! Tailored to Ling students.


Linguistics as a Profession

Link through to the Linguistic Society of America’s list of language-related careers inside and outside of academia.

VTLx News and Current Events

Our public facebook page is where we post information about upcoming events and opportunities, and brag about the good work we’re doing!