The Speech Lab @ Virginia Tech

Shanks 254, 181 Turner St NW

Co-Directors: Katie Carmichael & Abby Walker


The Speech Lab is housed in the English department. It is:

  • A venue for meetings

  • A place to process linguistic data

  • A place to collect linguistic data (through interviews or experiments)

  • The home of linguistic corpora

  • Home to useful equipment and a mini-library (see below).

The Lab is available to faculty and undergraduate researchers. For more info, please contact Abby Walker at or Katie Carmichael at


  • Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt: External Hard-drive

  • iPad Air 2

  • Lenova ThinkPad Laptop

  • Universal Shock Mount

  • Sennheiser Headphones

  • Harmon/Kardon Speakers

  • Harmon/Kardon Computer Speakers

  • Dell Projector

  • Shure Headphone Mic Set

  • Urbanears Headphones

  • Canon GL2 Video Recorder

  • Kopul XLR Cable

  • K-Tek Coiled XLR Cable

  • Audio-Technica Mic

  • DYMO LabelMANAGER 100+

  • DYMO LabelMANAGER 200

  • K-Tek Microphone Stand

  • Auray Boompole Bag

  • ATR35s Lavalier Microphone

  • Marantz Solid State Recorder PMD670

  • Roland R-26 Portable Recorder

  • Zoom H4next Recroder

  • Radio Shack Dynamic Microphone IMP 500

  • Crown Sound Grabber II

  • Shure SM48 Microphone

  • Headphone Mic

  • Sony Mic Adapter

  • EV RE50B

  • Shure Professional Unidirectional Head-Worn Dynamic Microphone

  • Linear PCM Recorder

  • Olympus 5MGP Digital Camera

  • Phsycology Software Set

  • My Book: External Hard-drive

  • Bose: Noise Cancelling Headphones


  • Montreal Forced Aligner

  • Praat

  • R.

  • Audacity

  • Express Scribe

  • E-Prime 2.0 & 3.0


  • Understanding English Language Variation in U.S. Schools

  • Fixing English

  • Articulatory Phonetics

  • Sociophonetics: An Introduction

  • Language and Gender

  • Gender Articulated

  • A Handbook of Varities of English: Phonology

  • A Handbook of Varities of English: Morphology and Syntax

  • A Handbook of Varities of English: CDs

  • Probabilistic Linguistics

  • Learning How to Ask

  • English in New York City

  • Sociolinguistic Patterns

  • Vowels and Consonants

  • Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics

  • Principles of Linguistic Change: Internal Factors

  • Principles of Linguistic Change: Social Factors

  • Principles of Linguistic Change: Cognitive and Cultural Factors

  • Ocracoke Speaks

DVDs, CDs, and VHSs

  • Indian by Birth: The Lumbee Dialect

  • The Adventure of English

  • El Dorado: Inca, Lost Cities of the Maya, and Mexico: From Independence to the Alamo

  • Dialect in Western NC

  • Ocracoke Broque and Story of English Series: Black on White

  • Mac Software

  • Literature Aloud

  • An Unclouded Day

  • Ocracoke Speaks

  • School House Rock

  • My Fair Lady

  • Do I Sound Gay?