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Virginia Tech does not offer majors in linguistics or communication disorders / speech and hearing. However, you can supplement your major of choice with the Language Sciences Minor, take a linguistics class for interest, and/or participate in various language-related extracurricular opportunities.

Students with the Language Sciences Minor have been accepted into graduate programs in Speech and Hearing, and Linguistics. 

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The Language Sciences Minor

Our minor consists of 18 credits (6 courses).

4 courses are required: Intro to Linguistics; an in-depth sociolinguistics course (Ethnicity or Gender); an in-depth structure course (Phonology or Syntax); and a research-based Capstone course. For the other 2 classes, you can choose from classes in Psychology, Spanish, English, or Religion and Culture.  

Required courses cover Pathways Concepts 5f (Quant & Comp thinking), 1a (Advanced Discourse), and 3 (Reasoning in the Social Sciences). 


Language Science Courses

Across campus there are many, varied courses that relate to the language sciences and linguistics! Take one for fun, or take six to get the Language Sciences Minor.  

Click here for a list of courses.


Undergraduate Research

There are plenty of opportunities for motivated undergraduates to get involved in language-based research outside the classroom at Virginia Tech!

From working in our labs, collaborating with us on projects, or exploring your own projects under our supervision, we've seen students go on to present their research at conferences and publish their research!

To get involved in research, reach out to some of our faculty.


Undergraduate Linguistics Club (The Wug Club)

Interested in linguistics? You're not the only one! The Wug Club is a social and academic club centered around the language sciences.

Check them out on Gobbler Connect, or contact the president (Linh) at vtlingclub@gmail.com 


Conferences, Invited Speakers, and Events

The faculty at Virginia Tech often bring external researchers to campus, who give public talks and are available to meet with students. We've even hosted conferences - recently SECOL, SVALP and ASC - that our students have attended and presented at!

The best way to keep up with events is on facebook!